I am probably just as shocked as everyone else that the Yankees gave up the 3 game lead in the ALCS.  It was a storybook ending for the Red Sox.  Having never happened before in the history of baseball, one would hope that they could carry this momentum into the Series with St. Louis, who is going for an NL record 10 World Series Championships.  "Defense wins championships" is what we have always heard but it would appear that the two most potent offenses in baseball are heading in the direction they aspired to since spring training.  Although it is still possible that the most talented defensive team could prove this theory to be true. So here it is, our favorite time of year, the World Series in all its glory.  So here is a "good luck" to all those fans of both teams and enjoy the games.  My pick is the Cards in 7.  Hope both Busch Stadium and Fenway bought extra pyrotechnics for this one!!!